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Playing the Mobile Legends game requires strategy, cohesiveness and mastery of hero skills. If you want to continue to win the match, of course there are things you need to pay attention to.

Mobile Legends tips

Pay attention to the Health Bar

Don’t let your guard down while playing, make sure you monitor the health bar. Usually the player is negligent and wanders in the lane or is determined to jump into the match even though his life is almost gone. When your hero is in a poor health bar, you should immediately return to the base to restore the health bar.

Control Yourself

You need to control yourself in playing mobile legend. Don’t fight the enemy’s turret yourself and don’t pay attention to the strength of the opponent’s hero. Try to control your hero, and play according to capacity.

Attack Opposing Heroes Together

There are times when enemy heroes are so strong because they are played by professional or experienced gamers. One hero is not strong enough to fight it, so call a teammate to attack together.

It will be far easier to defeat the opponent’s hero than forcing yourself to a duel which instead makes your hero quickly defeated.

Select Defense Items

The hero you use may have a high attack power, but very little defense. When surrounded or in a war, your hero might be easily defeated. For that, choose defense items or Defense items that suit the user’s needs.

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